Electronic File Preparation

Calaway Systems, Inc. utilizes a color managed workflow for all production. The following guidelines are to assist you in providing the quality of artwork required for large format printing. Customers with a high level of experience with color managed workflows may contact us for information on our custom ICC profiles and CMYK file preparation methodology. For most applications, if you follow the guidelines below, we’ll take care of the rest. 1

General Information

Please include graphics for each side/section of a vehicle or display. Images should be no less than 75 dpi and no greater than 360 dpi at final print size. Include a 2 to 3 inch “bleed” on all artwork dimensions. Convert all fonts to outlines or include the font files with your submission. Sizing and PMS colors (if applicable) must be noted within the image file or a supporting PDF file. 2

Digital photographs are generally not acceptable unless taken with a high end professional model. Traditional drum scanning services are available for transparencies at an additional charge. Call for more information.

All files for custom jobs are kept in house for 30 days from date of production.

Design Software

Adobe Illustrator 10, Photoshop 7, InDesign 1.5, Acrobat 6, FlexisignPro 6.6, Quark Xpress 4, or later versions. Internally, we use Adobe Creative Suite (CS2).


All files should use an RBG color space with the working ICC profile embedded in the image. Files may be saved as EPS, TIFF, or PSD formats (leave layers intact). Do not use JPEG or GIF.


Files may be saved as AI, EPS, or PDF (Acrobat 7 or later preferred). Link images and include the image files in a supporting folder; please follow the Photoshop guidelines for the image files. Leave layers intact. Objects such as complex gradients, gradient meshes, transparencies, etc. may cause problems. They are best handled in Photoshop. Create and/or use a spot color for all custom and critical colors because CMYK colors with no spot designation have no reference color to match. Use an alphanumeric name (no punctuation or special characters) for custom spot color names. 3

Corel Draw, Canvas, Freehand

Please save any of these files as an EPS file; our workflow is based on Adobe products.

Delivery Options

Files may be submitted on ZIP disk (100 & 250MB), Jaz 2GB, CD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, or DVD+RW. E-mail and ftp options are also available. Please compress all files using WinZIP or Stuffit for electronic transfers. Limit email attachments to < 10MB in size and FTP file transfers to < 800 MB in size. Call prior to transferring via FTP to confirm available space.
EMAIL: art@calawaysystems.com
FTP: ftp.calawaysystems.com

1 Additional charges may apply to files that do not follow these guidelines
2 Call for graphics that are lower than 72 dpi. Some subject matter is more forgiving than others.
3 PMS colors are simulated in a CMYK process; not all colors can be accurately reproduced. Utilize the Pantone® Solid to Process guide for a conservative estimate of reproducible colors.